Beautiful Colorado mountain cabin with ham radio access at the foot of Mt. Princeton

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The "ham shack" is located in the loft and is equipped with the following:

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The operating desk accommodates three operators, for multi-class contesting efforts.

For HF:
  • Two IC-7600 transceivers
  • IC-756PRO3 transceiver
  • ICOM 746 PRO transceiver
  • ACOM 1000 amplifier (6-160)
  • Alpha 91b amplifier
  • Nye Viking MB-V-A tuner
  • Rotor controls and antenna switches
  • Restored NC 183D for nostalgic SWLing
  • ICE Filters and computer networking for M/S contests or SO2R.

For VHF:

  • Rotor control and antenna switch

There is a Dell Computer (with the latest version of Writelog) connected to high speed internet (as fast as you can get in the mountains). You can now bring your laptop and connect via WIFI within the cabin.

The antennas are supported on three towers:

  • An 85-ft. tower supports:
    • Force 12 C39XRN at 85 ft (40-20-15-10)
    • Force 12 7-element 6M beam at 90 ft
    • Force 12 C3E side-mounted at 50 feet (covers Japan through Europe),
  • A 50-ft. tower supports a 3EL STEPPIR for 10,12,15,17,20,30 and 40 mtrs.
  • A 40-ft. tower supports stacked M2 beams for 2 meters
  • Wire antennas for 30, 80 and 160

In addition, the WLSD 2 meter repeater is located at the cabin. The frequency is 146.745 (transmit offset down 600 khz).  The repeater is open and has pretty good coverage for the area.


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STEPPIR Yagi at 50'

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Stacked M2 antennas for 2M

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C39 XRN at 85': 7-ele 6M at 90'
C3E (side mounted) at 50'